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The Collection

The Original DNA

The guitars that one of the Guitar Gods has played and/or owned.  The most prized in the collection, the ones that have been there through the process of song-writing, recording or performance in the hands of a particular Guitar God.

The Twins

The originals may still be in use or hidden away in other collections, so these guitars are carefully curated for a perfect or as-near-as-dammit match of spec and year of production.  Includes the signature models that the Guitar God has had a hand in designing or endorsing.  

The Distant Family

Most of what God's Own Guitars is devoted to is those instruments connected to a particular guitarist. Fortunately, it's not a hard rule, and it's easily broken.  It just needs a great and unique guitar to show up.  Check out  some overlooked beauties & players here.

The Unforgotten

The time comes, every once in a while, to sell.  I miss them, but I'm just making space to refresh the collection.  Still, if you're doing a bit of research or just want to look at some lovely guitars and gear, there's a load more pics and information just a click away.

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