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Guitar Hire Periods And Pricing

You can choose to hire one of our guitars for as little as 1 day up to a maximum of 28 days.  Depending on how many days you decide on, your hire will fall into one of the following hire plans: 

  • Short (1 - 5 Days)

  • Medium (6 - 21 days)

  • Long (22 - 28 days). 

The main benefit to you of a longer hire period is a reduction in the Daily Rate.  If you decide to hire for 6 days or more, your Daily Rate for all days in the hire period will be 20% less than the Short Hire Daily Rate.  Go for the 22 - 28 days, and your Daily Rate is 25% lower than the Short Hire Daily rate.

And, remember, you're not just getting a guitar in a case.  We want this to be a great experience for you, so all rates include:

  • A guitar that has been carefully chosen because it has been owned, played or made famous by a Guitar God

  • Professional set-up and maintenance for the optimum playing experience

  • A personal and responsive service - from your initial enquiry, through delivery and support, to return and post-hire care

  • A Support Pack, with everything you need to get going, before you plug your guitar in

  • Insurance and security at no extra cost to you

  • And, of course, the opportunity to choose from an increasing range of guitars from the God's Own Guitars collection.

How We Set Our Guitar Hire Rates

The Daily Rate is calculated for each guitar in our collection, based upon its current market value.  The Daily Rate is a percentage of the market value, starting at 2% for Short Hire, reducing to 1.6% for Medium Hire and to 1.5% for Long Hire. 

All summarised in the table below:

God's Own Guitars Pricing Table
How We Set The Deposit

If you hire direct from our website, we will ask for a deposit.  This is fully refundable on safe return of the equipment.  The deposit is calculated by multiplying the applicable Daily Rate (Short, Medium, Long) by 14 days, subject to a minimum deposit of £100 for a guitar or amplifier and £50 for a pedal - whichever is the higher.

If you hire through Fat Llama, the UK sharing platform, there is no deposit to pay.  However, daily rates are slightly higher due to Fat Llama's service charges.

Sometimes, things work better with an example.  So, if you want to learn more about how it works in practice, just scroll down!

How It Works In Practice

As an example, let's say you've always wanted to play a Noel Gallagher Epiphone Union Jack Supernova.  The original models go for around £1000 in the market.  If your heart's set on owning one, eBay or Reverb are great places to buy one - we bought our Union Jack Supernova on eBay!  

If you want to get the experience, but don't want the longer-term commitment, expense and hassle of buying, insuring and maintaining one, then you could hire one from us:

  • £20/day (2% of its market value/day) for 1 - 5 days on our Short Hire Rate. 

  • £16/day (1.6% of its market value/day) for a minimum hire of 6 up to 21 days on our Medium Hire Rate (or £112/week) 

  • £15/day (1.5% of its market value/day) for a minimum hire of 22 up to 28 days on our Long Hire Rate (or £420 if you went for the full 28 days).

Your daily rate drops by 20% if you hire for more than 5 days, and by 25% if you hire for more than 21 days.

The deposit, fully refundable on timely and safe return of the guitar, would work out as:

  • Short Hire (1 - 5 days): £20 x 14 days: £280

  • Medium Hire (6 - 21 days): £16 x 14 days: £224

  • Long Hire (22 - 28 days): £15 x 14 days: £210.

Of course, in total money terms, you're paying more the longer you hire the guitar.  Even with the discount, 2 weeks at the Medium Rate is going to cost you more than 5 days at the Short Hire Rate.  So there will come a point when you have to ask yourself "Shouldn't I just go out and buy one myself?".  Good question.  But we know that not everyone wants to commit to the one-off or financed payment for ownership.  And that's why we've put the biggest rate reduction, and the longest hire window, into the Medium Hire Rate: a 20% day rate reduction for up to 21 days of hire.  Put another way, hire for a week and you get the time to really enjoy the guitar, at about 10% of the cost of buying the guitar yourself.

Add in all the inclusive benefits that come with one of God's Own Guitars, and you're in for a great and unique experience!