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Guiding Principles & FAQs

Just some principles, and hopefully ones that just make good sense.  Some of them contain links to further information - just click on the blue-highlighted link to find out more.  For more detail, best review the Terms Of Service here.

Hire Principles
  1. Hire As Many As You Need.  Most hirers only need one guitar for their hire.  But if you need more than one, that's no problem.  Depending on your planned usage, I'm happy to explore discounted pricing for bundled hires.  The only thing to keep in mind is that the refundable deposit is set per guitar, amp or pedal, and there may be additional transportation costs if you're not collecting and returning yourself.

  2. Ask Questions To Avoid Disappointment.  Ask as many questions as you need before handover.  I want you to be utterly delighted with your chosen guitar and/or peripherals when you first get your hands on them. 

  3. Be There For Handover, Be There For Return (1).  Once dates, times and locations are booked, please stick to them.  Of course, I'm pretty flexible to time changes if you tell me in advance.

  4. Be There For Handover, Be There For Return (2).  I don't hand over to anyone other than the hirer, though am happy to allow for handover to a nominated and pre-confirmed alternative in exceptional circumstances.  On handover, all I ask is that you, or the nominated person receiving, bring a passport or driving licence  to confirm identity. 

  5. Look After The Guitar and/or Peripherals With Care.  You've paid your money, you want it to perform at its best, you want to return it in optimum condition.  Whether you're playing it at home, in rehearsal, in the studio, or live, just follow the Care Guidelines.

  6. Don't Lend The Guitar and/or Peripherals To Anyone Else.  You're the one who's hired it, and you're the one I'm trusting with it.

  7. Don't Modify Your Guitar and/or Peripherals.  Yes, look after it as if it's your own, but not to the point of modifying, removing, or replacing any component part.  Probably obvious, but the hires are not experiments, they're experiences.  See the Care Guidelines for further information.

  8. Tell Me About Damage Or Loss As Soon As It Happens.  Don't wait to the end of the hire period.  The quicker you tell me, the quicker I can help you and/or take actions to resolve the problem.  See the Care Guidelines for further information.

  9. You Can Always Change Your Mind.  You can find details of how to manage changes to start/end-dates, extensions, or cancellations, amongst many other helpful FAQs in the Terms Of Service here.

Photos And Videos
  1. Photo-shoots/Videos: You can hire any guitar and/or peripheral for photo-shoots or videos.  Without prejudice to your copyright over any materials produced, my only ask is that you let me share any published image or video on this site and social pages as a way to showcase the gear in action.

  2. How Not To Use God's Own Guitars' Images: I'm happy for any website or social images to be used, with appropriate acknowledgement, as set out below.  However, using these images for fraudulent or misleading purposes (e.g., passing off these images as your own in an online marketplace) is illegal and will likely get you in trouble with the law.  Don't do it.

  3. How To Use God's Own Guitars' Images.  All images on this website and related social media accounts with the name "godsownguitars" are copyright-owned by God's Own Guitars.  I'm more than happy with re-post or sharing of these images, without fee or copyright restrictions, as long as you give the business a namecheck:

  • Website images: "Source:"

  • Instagram images: "Source: godsownguitars on Instagram"

  • Facebook images: "Source: godsownguitars on Facebook".


I hope I've covered everything you need to know elsewhere in this site.  But feel free to ask a question here and, if the answer will help others, I'll add it to the FAQs.

Here's some hopefully helpful links to get you started:

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  5. How do I get the guitar, once hired?

  6. How do I best look after the guitar while I have it?

  7. What do I do if something goes wrong while I have the guitar?

  8. How do I return the guitar?

  9. Can I share images from God's Own Guitars?

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