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Terms Of Service

The Terms Of Service contain important information about God’s Own Guitars and the end-to-end Hire Process.
1.     CONTACT
1.1.    If you have any questions or issues, contact us by phone on 07917 126 770 (+44 7917 126 770, if outside the UK), e-mail, or post at AEEG, PO Box 70089, London, SE15 9FT.
1.2.   If we need to contact you, we will do so by telephone or by writing to you at the email address you provide us when you confirm your order.
2.1.   Your order is a request to hire from God’s Own Guitars, based on these terms.
2.2.   God’s Own Guitars offers equipment for hire in postcodes in London, UK only.  In exceptional circumstances, we will consider hires outside London postcodes.  If we agree to hire outside London postcodes, the hirer will be responsible for all costs related to delivery/return and any additional insurance costs, on top of the agreed hire and deposit costs.
2.3.   To start the order process, hit the “Hire Now” button for the item you want to order.  This will take you to our Booking Request page, where you can fill in your booking details.
2.4.   Your order details will include chosen equipment, preferred hire start date, preferred hire end date, and an email address.
2.5.  Upon receipt of your Booking Request, we will confirm availability and pricing for the hire by email, in addition to setting out options for handover and return location, and payment method.
2.6.  Once you have confirmed agreement to pricing, handover and return location, and payment method, we will send you by email a booking confirmation, invoice and final arrangements. We will also ask for a small number of documents as ID verifications.  We will not hire to you without provision of these verifications.
2.7.   Following safe return of the item(s) at the end of the hire period, we will fully delete copies of any ID data not publicly available (e.g., copies of passport, driving licence, utility bills).
3.1.   You can find Fat Llama’s Terms & Conditions here:
4.1.   The charges will be the price indicated on the order pages (or otherwise notified to you) when God’s Own Guitars confirms your order.
4.2.   The charges will include the hire cost and deposit, based on your chosen number of hire days and the corresponding Daily Hire Rate, and, if applicable, time/travel costs and/or payment method fees.
4.3.   Your payment must be received by God's Own Guitars before the hire start date. 
5.1.   During the order process, we will confirm to you when we will provide the equipment.
5.2.   God’s Own Guitars is not responsible for delays outside our control. If supply of the equipment is delayed by an event outside our control then we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and we will take steps to minimise the effect of the delay. God’s Own Guitars will not be liable for delays caused by any event outside our control, but if there is a risk of substantial delay you may contact us to cancel the order and receive a refund for any equipment paid for but not received.
5.3.   God’s Own Guitars will hand over the equipment only to you, and not to any other party.  In exceptional circumstances, we will consider handover to an individual pre-advised and nominated by you, and subject to your written authorisation.  You (or your nominated individual) need to bring a current passport or driving licence for identification purposes.  Your (or your nominated individual's) signed acceptance of delivery of the equipment shall constitute conclusive evidence that you have received and accepted the equipment.
5.4.   Unless otherwise agreed in writing, risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the equipment shall pass to you on delivery and will return to God’s Own Guitars once the equipment is collected by or returned to God’s Own Guitars.
6.1.   God’s Own Guitars retains ownership of the equipment. You acknowledge that the equipment remains at all times the property of God’s Own Guitars. You have no right, title or interest in the equipment except that it is hired to you in accordance with these terms, the hire period and payment agreement.
6.2.   While you have the equipment:
6.2.1. use the equipment in accordance with the Care Guidelines provided on delivery and posted on God’s Own Guitar’s website, here.;
6.2.2. use the equipment as it’s designed for, in compliance with all laws and applicable regulations including any health and safety legislation which relates to the use of the equipment, and in accordance with any care instructions provided to you by God’s Own Guitars;
6.2.3. do not leave the equipment outdoors and exposed to the elements, or indoors and exposed to extremes of temperature, direct sunlight, damp, condensation, or to liquids;
6.2.4. keep the equipment in good repair and condition (fair wear and tear only excepted);
6.2.5. tell us immediately of issues with or caused by the equipment, or any loss, accident, damage or defect in the equipment;
6.2.6. do not repair or allow any third party to repair the equipment;
6.2.7. do not make any alteration to the equipment (including removal or replacement of component parts in the equipment, defacing or covering up God’s Own Guitars’ identification marks);
6.2.8. do not part with control of the equipment;
6.2.9. take all appropriate measures to keep the equipment safe and secure, including when not in use, and including, in line with your own home and/or car insurance policy: securing the premises when left unattended or when the household retires for the night (locking all external doors and withdrawing the keys from locks, and closing and latching all external windows, except those in occupied bedrooms); not storing the equipment in a soft top convertible vehicle, even if locked; and, otherwise, if storing in a vehicle, ensuring the equipment is hidden from view with all the vehicle’s security systems activated and all doors, windows and sunroofs closed;
6.2.10.   do not sell, license or create any security interest or type of preferential arrangement on or over the equipment.
7.1.   In the case of damage or loss of the hired equipment, God’s Own Guitars has open and irrevocable authority to charge you for:
7.1.1. all costs and expenses in respect of rectifying any damage to the equipment (fair wear and tear excepted) which occurred during the hire period.  God’s Own Guitars will confirm to you any such costs and expenses, subject to supporting documentation; and,
7.1.2. the replacement cost in respect of lost or stolen equipment and/or equipment which is beyond economic repair. God’s Own Guitars will confirm to you any such costs and expenses, subject to supporting documentation
8.1.   If, at any time before or during the hire period, you need to cancel, you can contact us using the information above under “CONTACT”.
8.2.   God’s Own Guitars will pay the costs of return subject to us being satisfied, acting reasonably, that:
8.2.1. the equipment is faulty or misdescribed; or
8.2.2. you are ending the contract because we have told you of an upcoming change to the equipment or these terms, an error in pricing or description, a delay in delivery due to events outside our control, or because you have a legal right to do so as a result of something we have done wrong.
8.3.   God’s Own Guitars will refund you the price you paid for hiring the equipment including deposit, using the same payment platform as used for your original hire. We will make any refunds due to you as soon as possible, subject to both return of the equipment and post-hire assessment of the equipment for any damage or alteration beyond fair wear and tear.
8.4.   In any other circumstances, not covered by clause 8.2, God’s Own Guitars will charge you a proportional cost of return, as follows:
8.4.1. At delivery date/time: God’s Own Guitars will pay you a full refund, subject to deduction of 50% of the Hire Charge, up to a maximum of £50, to cover preparation & delivery time.
8.4.2. Early return, after delivery: God’s Own Guitars will pay you a full refund of the remaining unused balance of hire fee, calculated as a proportion of days remaining in the Contract against total days in the hire period, subject to deduction of 50% of that balance, up to a maximum of £25, to cover early collection time.
8.4.2. Early return, within 48 hours of scheduled return date: God’s Own Guitars will pay you no refund.
8.4.4. Late return, without prior notice and agreement: God’s Own Guitars will charge you at the Short Hire Daily Rate for the equipment, per day beyond scheduled return date, irrespective of whether originally hired on a Short, Medium, or Long Hire basis.
9.1.  God’s Own Guitars is responsible to you for foreseeable loss and damage caused by God’s Own Guitars. If God’s Own Guitars fails to comply with the confirmed order, God’s Own Guitars is responsible for loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of God’s Own Guitars breaking the confirmed order or failing to use reasonable care and skill. Loss or damage is foreseeable if either it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the order was confirmed, both you and God’s Own Guitars knew it might happen, for example, if you and God’s Own Guitars discussed it during the order process.
9.2.   God’s Own Guitars does not exclude or limit in any way God’s Own Guitars’ liability where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for:
9.2.1.    death or personal injury caused by God’s Own Guitars’ negligence;
9.2.2.   for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
9.2.3.   for breach of your legal rights in relation to the equipment; and
9.2.4.   for any matter for which God’s Own Guitars is not permitted by law to exclude or limit, or to attempt to exclude or limit, liability.
9.3.  God’s Own Guitars is not liable for business losses. God’s Own Guitars only supply the equipment for domestic and private use. If you use the equipment for any commercial, business or re-sale purpose God’s Own Guitars will have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.
9.4.  As a consumer, you have legal rights and remedies in relation to the provision of equipment.  Advice about your legal rights and remedies is available from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.  Nothing in these Terms will affect your legal rights and remedies.
10.1.  God’s Own Guitars’ privacy policy is available on our website here for further information on how personal information is used and rights in relation to that information.
11.1.  These Terms and any and all Contracts and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with them will be governed by English law.
12.1.  In these Terms:
the following words and expressions shall, unless the context or circumstances require otherwise, have the meanings assigned to them below:
“Charges” means God’s Own Guitars’ charges for the relevant Equipment in force on the date God’s Own Guitars issues a written acceptance of the Order to the Hirer;
“Equipment” means the item(s) of equipment to be hired by the Hirer as listed in the Order, and all related accessories, manuals and instructions provided for the equipment;
“Hire Period” means the period of hire of the Equipment as set out in Order, unless the Order is terminated earlier in accordance with these Terms or extended by agreement between God’s Own Guitars and the Hirer;
“Hirer” (and related terms, including “you” or “your”) means the consumer hiring the equipment;
“God’s Own Guitars” (and related terms, including “we”, “us” or “our) means the business providing the God’s Own Guitars hire service;
“Order” means the individual order(s) for the hire of Equipment placed by the Hirer from time to time in accordance with these Terms;
“Replacement Cost” means the cost of replacing any item of Equipment or part of it including but not limited to the cost of the item or part of it, any unpaid Charges that would otherwise have been paid by the Hirer were it not for such replacement, and a reasonable administrative charge to be determined by God’s Own Guitars covering the cost to God’s Own Guitars of administering the replacement;
“Terms” means these terms and conditions.
12.2.   any words following the words “include”, “includes”, “including”, “in particular” or any similar words or expressions shall be construed without limitation and accordingly shall not limit the meaning of the words preceding them.
Version: January 2024

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