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Artist Owned

2016 Martin LX1 Acoustic Alex Trimble

Alex Trimble's (Two Door Cinema Club) Martin LX1, aka Little Martin,

The Little Martin. Owned by Alex Trimble of Two Door Cinema Club. Made slightly more famous by Ed Sheeran. Lovely short-scale, travel guitar. They probably both liked The Shape Of You . . . Now everybody wants one.

1989 Gibson SG '62 Reissue Kimberley Rew

Kimberley Rew's
(Katrina & The Waves)
1989 Gibson SG '62 Reissue

1997. Happy days. The last time the UK won Eurovision . . . this guitar used by writer/guitarist Kimberley Rew on the recording of Katrina & The Waves' winning anthem, "Love Shine A Light"

1967 Gibson Firebird Non-Reverse Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher's (Oasis)
1967 Gibson Firebird

The wood may be the only original feature, but the history lives forever: a guitar that Noel played throughout Definitely Maybe and What's The Story?

1967 Epiphone Casino Hamish Stuart

Hamish Stuart's (Paul McCartney, Average White Band)
1967 Epiphone Casino

The Epiphone Casino a classic in its own right. This one the guitar behind Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman", Average White Band's "Let's Go Round Again", and on tour with Paul McCartney.

1983 Roland G-303/GR-300 Guitar Synthesizer

Mick Rogers' 1983 Roland G-303/GR-300 Guitar Synthesizer,

Owned by Manfred Mann's Earth Band's longest-serving guitarist, Mick Rogers, the ground-breaking Roland G-303 & GR-300 Guitar Synth. A beautiful guitar to play in its own right - and a gateway to a world of sonic possibilities. Mind-blowing!

1976 Gibson Thunderbird IV Bass Guitar

Peter Hook's
1976 Gibson Thunderbird Bass,
Tobacco Sunburst

Peter Hook's 1976 Gibson Thunderbird bass, one mighty bird! Bought in the early noughties, and played with electronic dance band Hybrid on release of their second album Morning Sci-Fi. A glorious bass, all original, including the 76-inked bicentennial scratchplate!

2009 Danelectro Dead On 67 Justin Hayward Young

Justin Hayward Young's
(The Vaccines)
2009 Danelectro Dead On 67

So good, he bought two! One of two Dead On 67s played extensively in the studio, live and on video by Justin Hayward-Young of The Vaccines. With original strap, gaffer-taped in case of high-energy performance.

1963 Gibson B-45-12 N Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher's (Oasis)
1963 Gibson B-45-12 N,

Played extensively, if behind the scenes, during the Definitely Maybe and What's The Story? years, a gem of a guitar with a huge warm tone - not to mention one of the earliest of Gibson's B-45-12s.

1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard Robert Throb Young

Robert "Throb" Young's
(Primal Scream)
1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard

. . . probably. Bought from Henry Olsen, bass guitarist with Primal Scream in the Screamadelica/Give Out But Don't Give Up years, a beautiful Les Paul Standard that keeps Robert Young's legacy alive.

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