The time comes, every once in a while, to sell.  I miss them, but I'm just making space to refresh the collection. 

Still, if you're doing a bit of research or just want to look at some lovely guitars, there's a load more pics and information just a click away.  I've also got a lot more spec info about them not on the website, so if you want more, just drop me a line here.  Happy to help!

1996 Fender Telecaster American Standard 50th Anniversary Limited Edition, Antique Sunburst Flame

One of only 1250 one-off Telecasters made to commemorate 50 years of Fender, with a flame and tone to die-for.

2010 Gibson Custom Shop 'Hotel California' Double-Neck EDS-1275,
as made famous by Don Felder

That song, that interweaved solo - a detail-perfect Gibson Custom Shop recreation of the guitar behind one of the greatest guitar songs of all time.

2013 Fender Ron Emory Loyalty
Parlour Guitar,

A signature model for Ron Emory, guitarist with California punks TSOL (True Sounds Of Liberty). A butterscotch acoustic inspired by Ron's prized '52 Telecaster.

2012 Gibson Custom Kirk Hammett Signature Flying V,
as played by Kirk Hammett

#3 of only 50 signed, numbered & noodled on by Kirk Hammett, a Gibson Custom Shop detail-perfect recreation of Kirk's workhorse through the early Metallica years.

1998 Gibson ES-335 Block Limited Edition,
Translucent Red Copy

It's an ES-335, but it's a rarely seen one - with the black edging and aged nickel hardware. Definitely a neglected beauty.