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The time comes, every once in a while, to sell.  I miss them, but I'm just making space to refresh the collection. 

Still, if you're doing a bit of research or just want to look at some lovely guitars, there's a load more pics and information just a click away.  I've also got a lot more spec info about them not on the website, so if you want more, just drop me a line here.  Happy to help!

1996 Fender Telecaster 50th Anniversary

1996 Fender Telecaster American Standard 50th Anniversary Limited Edition, Antique Sunburst Flame

One of only 1250 one-off Telecasters made to commemorate 50 years of Fender, with a flame and tone to die-for.

2000s Suhr Riot Overdrive/Distortion

2000s Suhr Riot,
Hologram Green,
Overdrive/Distortion Pedal

More often seen in purple, this is one of a Limited Edition run of 300 Riots in metallic green, with lovely cream vintage control knobs.

2012 Gibson Kirk Hammett Flying V

2012 Gibson Custom Kirk Hammett Signature Flying V,
as played by Kirk Hammett

#3 of only 50 signed, numbered & noodled on by Kirk Hammett, a Gibson Custom Shop detail-perfect recreation of Kirk's workhorse through the early Metallica years.

2015 Daredevil Atomic Cock

2015 Daredevil Atomic Cock,
Metallic Green,
Fixed Cock Wah/Overdrive

The perfect way to achieve that Mick Ronson/Mark Knopfler tone at the touch of a button. I regretted selling this almost immediately!

1998 Gibson ES-335 Block Limited Edition

1998 Gibson ES-335 Block Limited Edition,
Translucent Red Copy

It's an ES-335, but it's a rarely seen one - with the black edging and aged nickel hardware. Definitely a neglected beauty.

2010 Gibson Hotel California EDS-1275

2010 Gibson Custom Shop 'Hotel California' Double-Neck EDS-1275,
as made famous by Don Felder

That song, that interweaved solo - a detail-perfect Gibson Custom Shop recreation of the guitar behind one of the greatest guitar songs of all time.

2013 Fender Ron Emory Loyalty Parlour

2013 Fender Ron Emory Loyalty
Parlour Guitar,

A signature model for Ron Emory, guitarist with California punks TSOL (True Sounds Of Liberty). A butterscotch acoustic inspired by Ron's prized '52 Telecaster.

2015 Thorpy Gunshot Overdrive

2015 Thorpy Gunshot Overdrive,
Polished Steel,
Overdrive Pedal

Built to withstand the explosive overdrive that it creates, lovely boutique overdrive pedal. Smart addition of the Calibre pot gives wide range to the tone and depth of the overdrive.

1998 Gibson Flying V'98

1998 Gibson Flying V'98,
as made famous by Albert King

OK, it's not a 1959 Flying V, the one famous in the hands of Albert King . . . But it's a very fine 40th anniversary tribute to those legendary 58/59 Vs.

2010 Rothwell Switchblade

2010 Rothwell Switchblade,
Brushed Steel,
Distortion Pedal

Massive distortion pedal for heavy rock lovers everywhere - from boost to full-on distortion for a truly huge heavy rock sound, rhythm or lead.

2015 Bogner Burnley Overdrive/Distortion

2015 Bogner Burnley,
Purple & Silver,
Overdrive/Distortion Pedal

Famed and loved for his beautiful custom amps, Reinhold Bogner has taken it all one step further with a limited range of pedals designed with audio pioneer Rupert Neve,

2015 Wampler Tumnus

2015 Wampler Tumnus,
Antique Gold,
Overdrive/Boost Pedal

Built to replicate the sound of a far more expensive (and larger) overdrive, its size may fool you at first. But when you plug it in, this delivers in spades.

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