Neglected Beauties

1988 Gibson Flying V'90,
Nuclear Yellow,
Neglected Beauty

One pick-up, one pot, one Steinberger, no regrets. Held by many to be Gibson's finest rock/heavy metal Flying V model, the Nuclear Yellow V'90 screams "Play me fast and loud!"

1996 Gibson Les Paul Classic,
Neglected Beauty

No collection complete without a Goldtop. Hardly neglected, but definitely beautiful, this Classic carries all the hallmarks and tone of one of Gbson's most iconic guitars.

1992 Fender Telecaster,
Mexican Standard,
Metallic Blue

It's a Standard, it's one of the first Mexican productions, it's entry-level stuff . . . but it looks and plays beautifully, without modification.

1994 Yamaha FG-411-12
12-String, Natural,
Neglected Beauty

Another Yamaha punching well above its weight. Lovely early-run FG 12-string. If you've always thought you've wanted to try out a 12-string, then this is the one for you.