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Neglected Beauties

1988 Gibson Flying V'90 Electric Guitar

1988 Gibson Flying V'90,
Nuclear Yellow,
Neglected Beauty

One pick-up, one pot, one Steinberger, no regrets. Held by many to be Gibson's finest rock/heavy metal Flying V model, the Nuclear Yellow V'90 screams "Play me fast and loud!"

1996 Gibson Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar

1996 Gibson Les Paul Classic,
Goldtop, 1960 Reissue,
Neglected Beauty

No collection complete without a Goldtop. Hardly neglected, but definitely beautiful, this Classic carries all the hallmarks and tone of one of Gbson's most iconic guitars.

1992 Fender Telecaster Mexican Standard Electric Guitar

1992 Fender Telecaster,
Mexican Standard,
Metallic Blue

"I've got an American Standard Telecaster - and this Mexican one is better!". Just one hirer's feedback, but a pretty representative view! It's a Standard, it's one of the first Mexican productions, it's entry-level stuff . . . but it looks and plays beautifully.

1994 Yamaha FG-411-12 12-String Guitar

1994 Yamaha FG-411-12
12-String, Natural,
Neglected Beauty

Another Yamaha punching well above its weight. Lovely early-run FG 12-string guitar. If you've always thought you've wanted to try out a 12-string, then this is the one for you.

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