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Hire classic, vintage and iconic guitars - electrics, basses, acoustics - plus legendary effects pedals and amps.

"God's Own" because the guitars we share are Artist Owned or Made Famous By the Gods - some of the most iconic guitarists and songwriters from the past 50 years.  Better than "God's Own" because you too can get to share and play those very same guitars - through a simple direct hire model.  This is your way to enjoy a range of iconic guitars, without breaking the bank or tying yourself to a single guitar.

Just take a look at the many ways our hirers have made the most of the gear on offer to date:

Personal practice

Band practice

Home and studio recording

Live performance

Video shoots

Photo shoots

Film and theatre productions

Themed events and parties

Marriage proposals and weddings

And more . . .

More than a third of our hirers are visiting London from overseas, so if you just can't go without having a guitar during your stay, we're more than happy to help.

In the end, it's really down to your needs and imagination.  Our promise to you is a high quality, end-to-end hire experience, with some of the most iconic guitars in the world.

Hirer Of The Month: Glass Animals' Dave Bayley

You never know what's just around the corner - but the chances are it will be better than you think.  A call out of the blue from Paul Walmsley at Polydor Records, a chat about guitar options with Dave Bayley, lead singer and songwriter with Glass Animals, Alex Trimble's Little Martin LX1 cast in this unplugged version of international hit Heat Waves, and, hey presto, 200K views on YouTube.  I know, it's the song that does that, not the Little Martin, but it's still a thrill to see this travel guitar doing what it does best, and to one of the catchiest earworms of 2021.  Enjoy the video, and if you want to see more or hire for yourself, check out Alex Trimble's Martin LX1 here.

Latest Additions

Each of our guitars is carefully researched & selected to meet the criteria of "Artist Owned", or "Made Famous By".  This is not a bulk-buy business.  We buy selectively and only as the right guitars come up.  But that's the only limitation, and the collection continues to grow. 

Click the image to see more about our latest additions below, and follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see what's new.

1989 Rickenbacker 330/12 Fireglo
1989 Rickenbacker 330/12, 
as made famous by Johnny Marr
Not quite as old as Johnny Marr's 60s model, previously owned by Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music.  But with that timeless design and that instantly recognisable sound, the choice of the decade is completely yours!
Mick Rogers' 1983 Roland G-303/GR-300 Guitar Synthesizer
Mick Rogers' 1983 Roland G-303/G300
Guitar Synthesizer,
Owned by Manfred Mann's Earth Band's longest-serving guitarist, Mick Rogers, the ground-breaking Roland G-303 & GR-300 Guitar Synth.  A beautiful guitar to play in its own right - and a gateway to a world of sonic possibilities.  Mind-blowing!
1982 Fender Precision Bass, Nick O'Malley
1982 Fender Precision Bass,
as made famous by Nick O'Malley
Natural P-Bass stunner, with all the chiming treble and punch that you could wish for from a high-grade ash body.  Which is just perfect if you're in a band putting a rocket up British guitar indie in the noughties.  At least, I'm pretty sure that's what Nick O'Malley must have been thinking.