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Iconic Guitars, Amps & Effects For Hire

Hire classic, vintage and iconic guitars - electrics, basses, acoustics - plus legendary effects pedals and amps.

"God's Own" because the guitars, amps and pedals you can hire are Artist Owned or Made Famous By the Gods - some of the most iconic guitarists and songwriters of the past 50 years.  Better than "God's Own" because you get to use and play that gear, just by hiring.  This is your way to enjoy a range of iconic guitars, without breaking the bank or tying yourself to a single guitar.

Whatever your reason or need, there's a guitar, amp or pedal for you:

Personal practice


Band practice

Home and studio recording

Live performance

Film and Video shoots

Photo shoots

Film and theatre productions

Themed events and parties

Marriage proposals and weddings

And more . . .

In the end, it's really down to your needs and imagination.  My promise to you is a high quality, end-to-end hire experience, with some of the most iconic guitars and gear in the world.

Hirer Of The Month: The Preservation Room Orchestra

An absolute treat!  The Preservation Room Orchestra recreate Portishead’s utterly beautiful Glory Box, nearly 30 years on from its first release.  Back in May, London videographer John Kye hired a guitar for a one-day video shoot.  He didn’t give much away at the time, but started sending through teaser stills from the shoot last month, and just released this video at the start of November.  Just a wonderful rendition of the spine-tingling original, performed by a hugely talented a full 9-piece band, or, I should probably say, orchestra.  John directed and produced the shoot himself, and joins the band on the keyboards on the track.  A multi-talented video guy, with a great portfolio to match.  See more at John Kye Video Guy.


Don’t be fooled by the cover photo.  I haven’t moved into the hire of other stringed instruments.  Guitar duties for the shoot are performed by the guitarist only known as GOAT, and it’s the early-70s Epiphone EA-250 that he plays.  To be fair, the music was recorded separately, so it’s not the EA-250 you’re hearing live, but it suits the shoot's composition perfectly.  And with close-ups aplenty, you really wouldn’t know the difference.  One of the most iconic of those early Japanese Epiphones, famous in the hands of other icons Robert Smith and Noel Gallagher, why not give it a try here!

Latest Additions

All gear is carefully researched & selected to meet the criteria of "Artist Owned", or "Made Famous By".  Click the image to see more about each latest addition below, and follow God's Own Guitars on Instagram or Facebook to see more of what's on offer.

1988 Rickenbacker 325 V63, John Lennon
1988 Rickenbacker 325 V63,
as made famous by John Lennon
The short-scale, three pick-up 325 that Rickenbacker presented to John Lennon when The Beatles first landed in the States in 1964, immortalised live and in the studio on A Hard Day's Night, Help! and Rubber Soul, and beautifully recreated in this Rickenbacker 325 V63 from 1988. 
2007 Fender Jaguar 62 Reissue, 
Three-Tone Sunburst, 
From Surf To Shoegaze To Grunge
2006 Fender Jaguar 62 Reissue, Made In Japan
The Fender Jaguar, the high-end model that had to be discontinued before it found its devoted players - and, ever since then, beloved by punk, indie and alt-rock pioneers across the world.  This sunburst beauty takes you right back to its 1962 launch!
1997 Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster
1997 Fender SRV Stratocaster,
Three Tone Sunburst,

as made famous by Stevie Ray Vaughan
A truly iconic Stratocaster.  It doesn't take much to guess whose signature model this is.  That bold "SRV" print on the pickguard gives it all away.  A standard production model, but everything about this guitar is tribute to one of the greatest guitarists there's ever been.

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