Iconic Guitars, Effects & Amps For Hire

Hire classic, vintage and iconic guitars - electrics, basses, acoustics - plus legendary effects pedals and amps. 

From £5/day for guitars, and £4/day for amps and effects.

"God's Own" because the guitars we share are As Played By, As Owned By, or As Made Famous By the "Gods" - some of the most iconic guitarists and songwriters from the past 50 years.

Better than "God's Own" because you too can get to share and play those very same guitars - through a simple direct hire model.  This is your way to enjoy a range of iconic guitars, without breaking the bank or tying yourself to a single guitar.

And there are so many ways that our hirers put our guitars and gear to use, whether guitarists or non-guitarists:

Personal practice

Band practice

Home and studio recording

Live performance

Video shoots

Photo shoots

Film and theatre productions

Themed events and parties

Marriage proposals and weddings

And more . . .


More than a third of our hirers are visiting London from overseas, so if you just can't go without having a guitar during your stay, we're more than happy to help.

In the end, it's really down to your needs and imagination.  Our promise to you is a high quality, end-to-end hire experience, with some of the most iconic guitars in the world.

Hirer In The Spotlight: The Big Reveal

We're only here to give our hirers the best possible experience with our gear.  Anything less, and we're not doing the right thing!  So, in gratitude and tribute to our fantastic hirers, we regularly feature them in action.

This month it's all about the "Big Reveal" - that moment when a hirer gets to see his or her chosen guitar in the flesh for the very first time.  Thanks to Israeli singer-songwriter Daniel Dor for this short clip, unveiling his chosen hire, our 1993 Gibson J-200.  His voiceover says it all!

God's Own Guitars Hire Reveal

Click here to find out more and see Daniel in action with our J-200. 


And if you want your very own Big Reveal, then hit the Hire A Guitar button today! 

Latest Additions

Each of our guitars is carefully researched & selected to meet the criteria of "As Played By", "As Owned By", or "As Made Famous By".  This is not a bulk-buy business.  We buy selectively and only as the right guitars come up.  But that's the only limitation, and the collection continues to grow. 

Check out our latest additions below, and follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see what's new.

1969 Gibson EB-3 Bass Jack Bruce
1969 Gibson EB-3 Bass Guitar,
Translucent Cherry,
as made famous by Jack Bruce
Famous in the hands of Jack Bruce during the height (and Goodbye) of the Cream years, and favoured by any of the big name bass players of the sixties, a hugely versatile and iconic classic.  Bask in the Sunshine Of Your Love.
1972-75 Epiphone EA-250
1972-75 Epiphone EA-250, Cherry,
as made famous by Robert Smith and Noel Gallagher
From Hot, Hot, Hot to Supersonic.  From last to first.  As played by Robert Smith on last ever The Tube, and by Noel Gallagher on Oasis debut single, Supersonic.  One of the very first Japanese Epiphones, the iconic and eye-catching EA-250.
1966 Vox V251 Guitar Organ John Lennon
1966 Vox V251 Guitar Organ,
as made famous by John Lennon
A rare piece of space-age technical genius, the Vox V251 Guitar Organ, a prototype handed to John Lennon, and famous more for its 2014 $305K auction price than him ever playing it.  Makes the $87.5K that David Gilmour's sold for in 2019 seem like a snip at the price...
Epiphone Union Jack Supernova Oasis

2002 Epiphone Union Jack Supernova, as made famous by Noel Gallagher

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