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2011 Fender Graham Coxon Telecaster

Based on Graham Coxon's modified '68 Telecaster, one of the first of the limited run signature models - and one that he still plays today, in itself a testament to its greatness.

A complement to the 1993 U.S. Vintage Telecaster, also made famous by Graham Coxon, this is a mint condition signature model from the first run out of the Fender Ensenada factory in 2011.  It's modelled on Coxon's '68 Tele, that, in his own words, "some lunatic had butchered and put some PAF pickup in where the neck pickup is".  Lunatic or not, "that's the one I've been playing pretty much all the time… it's kind of a Frankenstein, but it's my favourite guitar to hit."  Frankenstein in a positive way.  Great range of tones with the warmer and darker humbucker contrasting the bright and bubbly single coil, and a lovely rosewood fretboard which, heretical as it may be, gives you more to dig into than the now more frequent varnished maple fretboard.  OK, I admit it, I'm always going to take a rosewood board over maple.  And this one's just glorious.  High quality build and a nice low set-up - and loved by evryone that hires it!

See & Hear It In Action




Graham Coxon Telecaster


Translucent Blonde



Serial  Number


Number of Frets









Vintage Kluson-Style


Seymour Duncan ’59 SH-1N Humbucker; Fender Black Bezel, Vintage-style Single-coil


Vintage Style Tele

Scale Length


Full Length


Further Information:

  • Released only in Europe, first in 2011, then again between 2013 and 2014, this really is a great example of a guitarist's signature model.  Graham Coxon had a hand in the design.  It's no custom shop model - if it were, it would bear the scars and damage of the '68 Telecaster that it's based on (see the Total Guitar interview above).  But in all other respects, it's a faithful representation of that modified original.

  • This one is one of the very first of that 2011 run - both neck and body are stamped with December 2010 dates, and the scratchplate (one of the last bits to go onto the guitar) early-January 2011.

  • Distinctive features include the 70s style headstock decal and thick bold TELECASTER logo, the 375K pots, which bring further depth and darkness to the Seymour Duncan '59 humbucker and an enhanced cut to the brightness of the Fender Vintage single-coil, and that rosewood fretboard loaded with medium jumbo frets.

  • It's a mystery why Fender only chose to release this in Europe, let alone why they only produced it for three years.  There's a lot of love for these models and re-sales are so rare that it took me 18 months to find one.  But it was so worth the wait!

  • Plays beautifully - of all the Teles in the collection, this is my favourite (and, yes, I do have a bias towards rosewood fretboards, but it's not just that).  Set up low, with a tiny bit of buzz in the upper fretboard to give it more of that characteristic twang.  Just a lovely guitar and a great tribute to a very special guitar god.

Sources & Links
  • Music Radar Review: A great launch-year review, from the ever-insightful and helpful Music Radar: "A long overdue homage to one of the UK's more interesting guitar players - a Tele to forge some sonic mayhem." Nice.
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