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2010 Peavey MAX 115 Bass Amp

Currently, the only bass combo I have in the collection, but that doesn't stop it covering a lot of ground and a lot of sound.  An original run Peavey MAX, the top of the range 115.  10x more oomph than you'll need for bedroom practice (headphone socket included), and plenty left over for unmic'd small gigging. 
Best of all, Peavey have loaded this with some lovely EQ presets, and their own TransTube technology to recreate the warmth of a valve amp.  So, anything from modern high-clip bass to booming sixties throb.  A great amp in a small (if still reassuringly weighty!) package.
A perfect combination with this absolutely classic 1972 Fender Precision Bass.
See & Hear It In Action




MAX 115



Serial  Number

0DBCB210922 00573402


Transistor, with Peavey TransTube circuitry


60 Watts


1 x 15" Peavey Custom-Voiced


Selectable EQ Voicing presets:

  • MAX - Based on classic Peavey EQ voicing with no tube simulation

  • Modern - Based on “West Coast” EQ voicing with no tube simulation

  • Vintage - Based on Peavey TransTube front-end with a vintage tube bass

Additional Features

Gain control
Multi-band equalization
Post EQ Effects Loop
Headphone connection
Tape/CD input connection




Separate power cable

Further Information:

  • Peavey produced the original MAX series from 2005 - 2011, at which point they introduced the higher power MAX range, starting at 100W, rising to 250W.

  • When it comes to bass amps, there are thousands more expert than me.  But what I love about the MAX 115 is that it comes with that custom-voiced 15" speaker (an option you don't get with the current run of MAX combos until you go for the 250W version).  I know technology's come a long way, but there's still something that just feels right about a 15" speaker (or more) in a bass cab.

  • And that is more than evidenced by the bass response on this one.  Great fidelity and clarity at the lowest end, and, with the Modern EQ setting, plenty of punch to add across the range.  The only rattle and hum you'll get is from your windows, loose furniture, walls, floorboards, elderly relatives . . .  you get the picture.

  • All with a nice simple control panel - and the Effects Loop Send/Return for the post-EQ sonic enhancement of your choice.

  • A great all-rounder in a perfectly constructed package.

Sources & Links
  • The Peavey MAX Series:  The current MAX range, in production since 2011.  Lovely design, smart angled speaker technology.  But if you can't justify the 250W in your front room for the sake of 15" speaker fidelity, it might just be worth giving this MAX 115 a go!
  • Ultimate Guitar Reviews: Mostly 10/10 love, with one slightly comically dissatisfied customer.  Must have been a bad day on the production line.
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