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2007 AER Compact 60/2 Twin Channel Acoustic/Vocal Amp

The AER Compact 60.  Precision acoustic engineering from the company that set the benchmark for modern-day acoustic guitar amplification.  Perfect for home or small gig performance.

Vorsprung Durch Technik.  Yes, I know that's a slogan more often associated with another German manufacturer.  But that famous German precision engineering and dedication to lasting quality applies just as well to AER.  In their own words, "AER has been the reference, the standard for amplifying acoustic instruments for many years."  Usually that sort of bold claim would give cause for at least one raised eyebrow.  But when you put it in context, 30 years or so ago, the options for the acoustic player to amplify their sound without losing the dynamics, tone and projection of the instrument in their hands were limited (or big-budget).  It took three people with a shared passion to put the dream into reality and affordability: Udo Rosner, Michael Eisenmann and Susanne Janz founded Acoustic Electric Research in the 1990s.  And they set the benchmark.

The Compact 60 is one of their longest-running models, now in its fourth generation.  Each generation adds new or refined functionality, but the core design stands strong.  With more than you could imagine in such a deceptively small package.  The amp stands no taller than 28cm high.  And yet packs in two channels, guitar and voice, independent EQ, a small but well-chosen range of on-board effects, and  a mighty 60W of output.  Starting and ending with the fidelity of the instrument you have plugged into it.  Whether at home, in the studio or gigging, this is a fantastic acoustic amp.  But don't trust me.  Trust the professionals. Acoustic guitar god Tommy Immanuel uses one as his main-stage amp.  Now that's a seal of approval if ever you needed one!

A perfect companion to this 2006 Gibson Hummingbird, with pre-installed pick-up.
See & Hear It In Action
  • AER Founder Udo Rosner Takes Us Through the AER 60 : One of those rare and wonderful moments where the inventor of the amp takes you through its features (with some modesty about his singing voice).  From the date of the video, I'm guessing this is the AER 60/3.  You wouldn't notice it from external looks, but apparently, the 3 increases the expanse of the mid-range control and deepens the reverb.  Gradual refinements versus full-scale redesign.
  • Downtown Music Take Us Through The Spec : No playing, but a perfect example of how a video can teach you more about how to use a product than a product manual can.  All the features clearly explained by Downtown Music's Andrea Idato.




Compact 60/2



Serial  Number





60 Watts


1 x 8" Twin Cone Full Range Speaker


2 Channel (Acoustic; Acoustic/Vocal)

Additional Features

Input sensitivity (brightness) switch

Mid-range contour switch

On-board effect pre-sets (warm hall reverb, bright hall reverb, chorus with reverb, flanger)

Effect level calibration across both channels


7.5 kg


AER Carry Case

Further Information:

  • There really isn't anything more to be said that has not already been said.  This is a high quality amp specifically built for the acoustic player who wants to accurately replicate the unamplified sound of their acoustic (or their acoustic and its pick-up).  And for such a compact amp, it works wonders.

  • The focus is on accurate reproduction, and it delivers perfectly.  And, as is often true with great design, "no frills" is a positive.  If you want more control over your EQ or a wider range of effects, then the Compact 60 has you covered, with Effects Loop Send/Return standard 1/4" sockets at the back.  Those in addition to standard and DI line-outs, tuner-mute and phones sockets.

  • Personally, I haven't tried it with anything other than an acoustic guitar, but if you need something for your mandolin, lute, your semi-acoustic guitar, or pretty much any stringed instrument with a pick-up, this amp will take it on, no problem at all.  With big thanks to professional violinist Reginald Clews for proving that  assertion when he hired this AER for a private event.  See the video clip above!

  • Sounds just wonderful - with plenty of calibration options to get to the sound that suits you and your environment the best.   This really is Vorsprung Durch Technik!

Sources & Links
  • Acoustic Guitar Review  It's actually a review of the AER 60/3, but very helpfully compares and contrasts with an AER 60/2 at the same time.  There's not much in it!
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