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2005 Fender Hot Rod Deville 410 Valve Amp

First introduced in 1996, the Hot Rod Deville 410 draws inspiration and configuration from classic Fender heritage - the Super Reverb '59 Bassman, and the Blues Deville.

Beautiful clean tones all the way through to heavily overdriven blues and rock ("More Drive" really does mean More Drive), and easy channel change through the 2-button 3-function footswitch.  With the benefit of more modern technologies than its original ancestors, this one comes with an Effects Loop so you can accentuate the effect of your chosen pedals post Pre-Amp overdrive (try it - it makes a real difference!).

Never one to be outdone, this amp goes beyond the demands of even Nigel Tufnell of Spinal Tap . . . all controls go to 12.  That with the trademark Fender Reverb unit nestling at the bottom of the cab, and you've got an absolute classic at your disposal

With more petite younger sister, the 212, loved by: Matt Bellamy, Nile Rodgers, Dave Keuning, Jonny Buckland, Liam Fray, Albert Hammond Jr & Nick Valensi, and many more.

A perfect combination with a true original, this 1993 Fender US 52 Vintage Telecaster.
See & Hear It In Action




Hot Rod Deville 410



Serial  Number





60 Watts


4 x 10" Special Design Eminence




More Drive

Additional Features

Normal/Bright/More Drive selectors

Volume (Volume & Master Volume)


Tone (Treble, Bass, Middle)



Effects Loop

Additional Speaker Output




Fender 2-Button 3-Function Footswitch

Fender brown vinyl cover

Further Information:

  • It's all about the heritage.  When Fender set about building their next generation of tube amps, it was the past that defined the future.  And when it was a 4 x 10 speaker configuration that past was defined by the 50s Bassman and the 60s Super Reverb amps.

  • It's a hugely versatile combo.  In Fender's own words: "Whether rockers, punkers, pop stars or cowboys, they can all agree that Hot Rod amps deliver unmistakable Fender tone, a perfect platform for crafting your own sound. These no frills amps are affordable, reliable, loud & proud. They respond extremely well to your favorite stomp boxes."  Punk goes to punker.

  • No need for lots of frills - the focus is on the sound.  The crystal clear clean channels through to the beautifully warm overdrive.  That rightfully legendary Fender reverb.  And, yes, the bragging rights of an amp where the controls on the silverface go to 12.

  • As far as I can see, Fender have currently stopped producing the 410 version of the Hot Rod Deville, whilst continuing the 212.  I can't believe it won't be back.  But in the meantime, this is a perfect way to get your kicks, on whatever route you choose.

Sources & Links
  • The Hot Rod Deville 212:  I'm sure there'll be demand for its return, but it looks like Fender aren't making the 410 currently.  But, for as near-as-dammit, here's their 212, still in production today.
  • Ultimate Guitar Reviews: Which really does demonstrate the wide range of guitarists and guitar styles this appeals to - jazz, blues, soul, classic rock.  Though no mention of punkers.
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