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2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Slash Signature Model

Slash's main guitar during the Velvet Revolver years, one of 1250 made, and one of the best of his many signature models.  In his own words: "It actually screams".

If any guitarist deserves the inaugural designation of Gibson Global Brand Ambassador, then it's Slash.  Les Paul for sure gets the ultimate name-check, but go to the News-Lifestyle section of Gibson's website to see no less than 8 signature models to his name over the years - and even that seems to be understating the actual number.  Post first-run Guns N Roses, post-Snakepit, Slash joined up with Scott Weiland, Dave Kushner and former GnR bandmates Duff McCagan & Matt Sorum to form Velvet Revolver.  Two mighty albums.  One mighty guitar.  To expand on Slash's words above: "That was the main guitar I used when I toured with Velvet Revolver. Fucking killer sounding guitar, that one. It actually screams."  Enough said.

See & Hear It In Action

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Les Paul Standard


Dark Tobacco Burst



Serial  Number

SL 0138

Number of Frets







Mahogany, with Maple Top


Gibson Deluxe Schallers


Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro;

Piezo Transducer Fishman Powerbridge


Gibson Tune-O-Matic


Gibson Stopbar Tailpiece

Scale Length


Full Length


Further Information:

  • This is the second of the Slash Signature production models.  The first, limited to only 100 units, was the Les Paul Snakepit, with its striking red flame, Snakepit logo on the lower bout, and elaborate curling cobra freboard inlay.  An absolute beauty, but a bit like a tattoo - eternally linked to a specific time & place.

  • This one is more timeless, but bears all the hallmarks & features that get to the heart of the Slash sound: the weight and resonance of a combined mahogany neck and body, Slash's favoured Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Humbuckers, and the addition of a Piezo Transducer Fishman Powerbridge.  You won't believe it until you hear it, but this transforms the sound from everything Les Paul to everything acoustic, and, with the three-way toggle switch, can be blended with the more typical Les Paul tones.

  • See and hear it in action to above.  It's every bit as good as it looks.  An ambassador for Slash, as much as Slash is an ambassador for Gibson.

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