2000 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gary Moore Signature Model

No, not the "Greeny" original, but the first and best Gibson Gary Moore Signature, complete with unbelievable Burstbucker pick-ups.  A signature model Gary often played live himself.

The coveted of the coveted.  The Peter Green 59 Les Paul, or "Greeny" as Gary Moore named it, is a legend in its own right.  Check out the history from The ADHD Guitarist in the Sources & Links below.  It was only going to be a question of time before Gibson came up with a Signature Series model.  And, in 2000, they did.  This one's an absolute beauty, and faithfully recreates neck profile, out-of-phase pick-up configuration and a Lemonburst to die for.  The uncovered pick-ups buck the purity of the recreation, but look fantastic against that finish.  As is often the case with 2nd and subsequent releases of a Signature model, the 2013 release goes further to replicate the look (covered pick-ups, mismatched Volume and Tone knobs), but this is the first one Gibson produced, and it's a mighty and beautifully toneful tribute to a sadly departed, sorely missed Guitar God.

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Further Information:

  • It's not all about the finish . . . but, come on, this has to be one of the most beautiful-looking guitars to take its place in the Gibson Signature line-up.  That Lemonburst just glows.

  • The distinctive zebra-pattern neck pick-up is not just for looks.  The pick-up is reversed to create an out-of-phase effect when the toggle switch is set to dual-pick-up mode.  This mimics the out-of-phase effect of the Peter Green 59 Les Paul.

  • The Burstbuckers produce a lovely full tone in clean mode and, when overdriven, give you all you want to reproduce the scream & sustain that Gary Moore was famous for.

  • This one comes from the first year of production, 2000.  Subsequent signature models came out in 2009 - 2012 (the choicely named Les Paul Gary Moore BFG) and again in 2013, with the more soberly named Gary Moore Les Paul Standard.

  • The 2000 - 2001 run came with an unattached Gary Moore signature pickguard.  Never fitted.  Never wanted to diminish the glory of that Lemonburst finish.

Sources & Links
  • Guitarlist Review & Spec: Guitarlist is a hugely valuable and recommended resource for brief reviews and specs of a wide range of guitars.  A nice introduction to the 2000 Gibson Gary Moore Signature Les Paul Standard.
  • The "Greeny" Story: Absolutely indebted to The ADHD Guitarist for this piece on the history of the original Peter Green 59 Les Paul.  Not only that, but a great piece on Gary Moore's Gear.