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1985 Rickenbacker 330 Jet-glo, as made famous by Johnny Marr

What difference does it make?  The forensic experts will point to the 1983 model for the perfect match - narrower headstock, different tuners.  But play this younger brother once and you'll still be jumping in front of flying bullets for it.

Whether it was the prominence Johnny Marr brought to it, a revitalised affection for all things 60s after a decade of denial, or a new generation brought up on the jagged electricity coming out of Paul Weller's Rickenbacker in The Jam, you'd be hard-pressed in the 80s to find a lyrically-poetic, guitar-based band without a Rickenbacker 330 somewhere in the mix.  And that's as true today as it was then.  The 330 is the guitar of choice for current bands like Blossoms - both Tom Ogden and Josh Dewhurst often to be seen toting a 330.  Like a good friend over the years, these just get better with age!

See & Hear It In Action
  • Imagine: The Story Of The Guitar: Fantastic! Johnny talking about and playing the 330: "I wanted to sound like an entire record when I played."
  • This Charming Man (1983):  Second single, first official video,  The 330 was there from the start. How it should sound!
  • I Can't Stand It - Blossoms (2019):  And it's still there today.  The 330 a popular choice for 2019 Global Awards Best Indie award winners, Blossoms.  Check out their performance at the awards night to see Josh Dewhurst with Jet-glo 330 in hand.  The cycle of life continues!
  • Recreating The Jam's Start! for Sainsbury's (2024):  You've seen the ad.  Now see and hear how Paul Sumpter and the team at The Futz Butler created an instrumental-only version of Start! that's just indistinguishable from the original.  Even down to the ring of the snare drum.  And hear the full version on Soundcloud.  Amazing!









Serial  Number

YJ 1892

Number of Frets



Varnished Rosewood




Carved Maple


Schaller, M6 135


Rickenbacker Hi-gain


Rickenbacker Bridge & Cover


Rickenbacker "R" Tailpiece

Scale Length


Full Length


Further Information:

  • Of all the major manufacturers, Rickenbacker fully deserves the archivist's Oscar - by far the most comprehensive collection of specs, brochures and history.  Even down to the component numbers for each of the parts that goes into each guitar.

  • Which means there isn't that much to add to what Rickenbacker has already said.  So, just one lesser-known fact.  The distinctive sound-hole for which Rickenbackers are famous is called a "cat's eye slash".  Nice.

  • The classic narrow neck, that lovely Rickenbacker bridge assembly, the Rickenbacker Hi-gain pick-ups, the distinctive "R" tailpiece, and that Tone Mixer knob all combine to give this guitar a lot more versatility than the "jangly" sound it's know for.

  • Having not rushed out to get hold of a 330 back in the 80s, it's a real eye-opener now to experiment with the sounds this guitar can put out.  Huge tonal warmth with the Bridge pick-up and Tone Mixer on max, a Fender Bridge/Middle type twang on the combined pick-up setting, and, yes, the chiming jangle of the Bridge pick-up on its own.  If may be famous for one sound, but this wonderful guitar has a lot more going for it.

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