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1985 Rickenbacker 330 Jet-glo, as made famous by Johnny Marr

What difference does it make?  The forensic experts will point to the 1983 model for the perfect match - narrower headstock, different tuners.  But play it and you'll be jumping in front of flying bullets for this one.

Whether it was the prominence Johnny Marr brought to it, a revitalised affection for all things 60s after a decade of denial, or a new generation brought up on the jagged electricity coming out of Paul Weller's Rickenbacker in The Jam, you'd be hard-pressed in the 80s to find a lyrically-poetic, guitar-based band without a Rickenbacker 330 somewhere in the mix.  And that's as true today as it was then.  The 330 is the guitar of choice for current bands like Blossoms - both Tom Ogden and Josh Dewhurst often to be seen toting a 330.  Like a good friend over the years, these just get better with age!

See & Hear It In Action
  • Imagine: The Story Of The Guitar: Fantastic! Johnny talking about and playing the 330: "I wanted to sound like an entire record when I played."
  • This Charming Man (1983):  Second single, first official video,  The 330 was there from the start. How it should sound!
  • I Can't Stand It - Blossoms (2019):  And it's still there today.  The 330 a popular choice for 2019 Global Awards Best Indie award winners, Blossoms.  Check out their performance at the awards night to see Josh Dewhurst with Jet-glo 330 in hand.  The cycle of life continues!









Serial  Number

YJ 1892

Number of Frets



Varnished Rosewood




Carved Maple


Schaller, M6 135


Rickenbacker Hi-gain


Rickenbacker Bridge & Cover


Rickenbacker "R" Tailpiece

Scale Length


Full Length


Further Information:

  • Of all the major manufacturers, Rickenbacker fully deserves the archivist's Oscar - by far the most comprehensive collection of specs, brochures and history.  Even down to the component numbers for each of the parts that goes into each guitar.

  • Which means there isn't that much to add to what Rickenbacker has already said.  So, just one lesser-known fact.  The distinctive sound-hole for which Rickenbackers are famous is called a "cat's eye slash".  Nice.

  • The classic narrow neck, that lovely Rickenbacker bridge assembly, the Rickenbacker Hi-gain pick-ups, the distinctive "R" tailpiece, and that Tone Mixer knob all combine to give this guitar a lot more versatility than the "jangly" sound it's know for.

  • Having not rushed out to get hold of a 330 back in the 80s, it's a real eye-opener now to experiment with the sounds this guitar can put out.  Huge tonal warmth with the Bridge pick-up and Tone Mixer on max, a Fender Bridge/Middle type twang on the combined pick-up setting, and, yes, the chiming jangle of the Bridge pick-up on its own.  If may be famous for one sound, but this wonderful guitar has a lot more going for it.

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