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2017 Boss RC-3 Loop Station

If you've never tried a looper before, then you're missing out. Within seconds, you've recorded your first backing track and will be overlaying tracks, jamming along, or completing that masterpiece. The industry-standard when it comes to compact looper pedals, easy-to-use and loads of fun. Even has a USB port for you to export whatever you save to your computer/hard drive. A lot of genius in one small box!

Loved by: One-Man/Woman-Bands, bedroom noodlers, serious recorders, multi-layer symphonists. And by anyone that wants to practise consistently over and over again (yes, I know, doesn't sound quite as much fun - but none of the rest comes without it!).

Short (1 - 3 days):


Medium (4 - 7 days):


Long (8+ days):


2017 Boss RC-3 Loop Station
The Industry-Standard Compact Looper - and some!

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