2009 Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

For anyone living through the 80s (and yes, I know that's a declining number), the original Boss DD-2 was an absolute gift from heaven. The first digital delay in compact format - and for any musician on a budget, the only answer when a rack-mounted delay unit would have blown away a month's income. The DD-3 followed only 3 years later in 1986 - and is still in production today. So, basically, the first and last and always (repeated, and repeated, and . . .).

Loved by: Kelly Jones, Matt Bellamy, Dan Auerbach, Dave Grohl, Dave Keuning, Slash, Joe Bonamassa, Yannis Philippakis . . . and so many others!

Short (1 - 5 days):


Medium (6 -21 days):


Long (21+ days):


2009 Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Next Up From The Original DD-2, The First Compact Delay

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