The Collection


Our guitars fall into three categories.  There's a range of brands in each category, the dominant factor being the Guitar God that has played, owned or made the particular guitar famous.

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The Original DNA

The guitars that one of the Guitar Gods has played and/or owned.  The most prized in the collection, the ones that have been there through the process of song-writing, recording or performance in the hands of a particular Guitar God.

The Perfect Matches

The originals may still be in use or hidden away in other collections, so these guitars are carefully curated for a match of spec and, where possible, year of production.  This part of the collection also includes the signature models that the Guitar God has had a hand in designing or endorsing.  

The Hidden Gems

Most of what God's Own Guitars is devoted to is those instruments that have the iconic connection to a Guitar God, but sometimes we just can't help ourselves when a great and unique guitar becomes available. Check out some overlooked beautiful lookers & players here. 

Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar 2016

2016 Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar, classic Olympic White

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