As Made Famous By: Iconic Instruments For Hire

Fender Telecaster U.S. 52 Reissue 1993
1993 Fender U.S. 52 Vintage Telecaster, Butterscotch Blonde,
as made famous by Graham Coxon
Really, as made famous by so many, but this one the original spec and year of Blur's Modern Life Is Rubbish, and Graham Coxon's most iconic guitar from the Britpop years.
Fender Stratocaster 2006 Alex Turner
2006 Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster, Arctic White,
as made famous by Alex Turner
When Arctic Monkeys made their ground-breaking debut with Whatever People Say That's What I'm Not, this is the guitar that Alex Turner played.  In Arctic White, of course. 
Fender Jagstang 1996 Kurt Cobain
 1996 First-Run Fender Jag-Stang,
Sonic Blue,
as made famous by Kurt Cobain
Not only as made famous by, but also as designed by Kurt Cobain, shortly before his untimely death - the Fender Jaguar/Mustang hybrid that became an icon across the world.
Gibson EDS1275 Hotel California 2010
2010 Gibson Custom Shop 'Hotel California' Double-Neck  EDS-1275,
as made famous by Don Felder
That song, that interweaved solo - a detail-perfect Gibson Custom Shop recreation of the guitar behind one of the greatest guitar songs of all time.
Gibson Les Paul Gary Moore 2000
2000 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gary Moore Signature Model, Lemonburst,
as made famous by Gary Moore
No, not the "Greeny" original, but the first and best Gibson Gary Moore Signature, complete with unbelievable Burstbucker pick-ups.  A signature model Gary often played live himself. 
Hofner President Bass 1964
1964 Hofner President Bass,
classic Sunburst,
as made famous by Stuart Sutcliffe
If, that is, Stuart Sutcliffe had lived to see the meteoric rise of The Beatles. A beautifully aged semi-acoustic bass, with all original features bar a nut replacement & pick-up rewire to restore full range of tone.
Brian May Queen Red Special 2005
2005 Burns/Brian May Guitars BMG Special,
as made famous by Brian May
Made during the transition period from Burns to Brian May Guitars, the utterly unique Red Special that has powered Brian May through the Queen years & beyond.
Guild S-100 Standard 1976 Gary Kemp
1976 Guild S-100 Standard,
Aged White,
as made famous by Gary Kemp
In truth, my first grown-up guitar - but also a favourite of Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet, on their first album, before the big ballads took over. Check out "Musclebound" on TOTP in 1981.
Epiphone Union Jack Supernova Oasis
 2002 Epiphone Union Jack Supernova
Red, White & Blue,
as made famous by Noel Gallagher
From the original run of Epiphone Supernovas, this guitar screams "Britpop". Noel Gallagher's original is now a museum piece, so it's models like these that keep the glory days alive.
Epiphone Sheraton 1984 The Edge U2
1984 Epiphone Sheraton
as made famous by The Edge
Well, to be honest, you could point to almost any guitar & find a picture of The Edge with it.  But this one bought shortly after being blown away by a Bourbon Street guitarist playing his heart out in 2002.
2004 Gibson Les Paul Slash Signature
2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Slash Signature Model, Dark Tobacco,
as made famous by Slash
Slash's main guitar during the Velvet Revolver years, one of 1250 made, and one of the best of his many signature models.  In his own words: "It actually screams".
1977 Gibson ES-335 Walnut
1977 Gibson ES-335 TD,
as made famous by Johnny Marr
The exact model Johnny Marr played when The Smiths got together for the first time, to record demos of Handsome Devil, What Difference Does It Make? & Miserable Lie.  History in the making.
Yamaha LA-8 1997 Gaz Coombes
1997 Yamaha LA-8,
Antique Natural,
as made famous by Gaz Coombes
One of Gaz Coombes' workhorses through the years.  Hand-crafted in Yamaha's Custom Shop, this guitar punches well above its weight, with a styling and tone that goes way beyond its original price tag.
Rickenbacker 330 1985 Johnny Marr
1985 Rickenbacker 330,
as made famous by Johnny Marr
What difference does it make?  The forensic experts will point to the 1983 model for the perfect match - narrower headstock, different tuners.  But play it and you'll be jumping in front of flying bullets for this one.
Fender Graham Coxon Telecaster 2011
2011 Fender Graham Coxon Telecaster,
as made famous by Graham Coxon
Based on Graham Coxon's modified '68 Telecaster, one of the first of the limited run signature models - and one that he still plays today, in itself a testament to its greatness.
1970 Gibson ES-355TD-SV
1970 Gibson ES-355TD-SV,
as made famous by Bernard Butler
Loves this guitar so much, he even named his studio after it.  And he's not the only one - Chuck Berry, B B King, Johnny Marr, Noel Gallagher, to name only a few, put this right up there among their own gods.
Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar 2016
2016 Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar,
Olympic White
as made famous by Johnny Marr
"It sounds like I'm supposed to sound." In his own words, and with his own design, the signature model that brings together everything Johnny Marr in one guitar.  A gift from a lifelong lover of guitars to lovers of guitars.
Eastwood Airline 2P DLX Jack White
2005 Eastwood Airline 2P DLX,
as made famous by Jack White
Seven Nation Army.  The song that earned The White Stripes a worthy Number 6 place in Rolling Stone's Top 100 Songs of the 00s - and launched a thousand football (and political) chants.  This perfectly space-age, perfectly retro guitar.
Fender Precision P-Bass 1972
1972 Fender Precision Bass,
classic Sunburst,
as made famous by . . . well, everyone
The first ever electric bass, and still #1 today.  If we were trying to be specific, we'd say "as made famous by Roger Waters".  But what's the point?  This one is really "as made famous by pretty much any bassist".  Solid-gold classic!
Gibson J-200 100 Years 1993
1993 Gibson J-200 100 Years,
as made famous by Roy Orbison
Roy Orbison, because it's only a few years after he gave a sunburst J-200 a memorable spin with The Travelling Wilburys.  Really, anyone from Elvis Presley to Alex Turner could take the accolade.  The "king of the flat-tops", built for guitar gods.
National Style O Resonator Mark Knopfler
1934 National Style O Resonator,
Nickel on Brass,
as made famous by Mark Knopfler
OK, his is a 1937, with flat headstock and 14-fret neck. Three years earlier, and these came with open headstock and 12-fret neck. But for that look, that sound, and the experience of playing an absolute icon, this one's hard to beat.  A nickel on brass classic!
Fender Duo-Sonic 1962 Jimi Hendrix
1962 Fender Duo-Sonic,
Olympic White
as made famous by Jimi Hendrix
Not only a fabled Pre-CBS Fender, but the first Fender that a young Jimmy James, soon to become Jimi Hendrix, is pictured with.  A shorter scale guitar marketed for the "student", not a bad place to start if you're on the way to rock legend status.
Fender Jazz Bass 1976 Flea
1976 Fender Jazz Bass,
Olympic White,
as made famous by Flea
Fender's second bass, and its most versatile.   An absolute beauty from 1976, Olympic White naturally faded to Ivory . . . OK, it's not shell pink, but get it in the right light, strip off your top, and you're centre-stage in Stadium Arcadium.
1974 Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar
1974 Martin D-28,
as made famous by Jimmy Page
Such an iconic guitar, it's really as made famous by 100s of guitar gods. But Jimmy Page gets the laurels here.  A D-28, "Going To California", and Led Zeppelin's 5-date run at Earl's Court in 1975.  Legendary!
1963 Gibson J-160E The Beatles
1963 Gibson J-160E,
Sunburst, as made famous by
John Lennon & George Harrison
Gibson's J-160E, famous in the hands of both John Lennon and George Harrison - and the ambidextrous Paul McCartney.  The acoustic behind so many of those early Beatles hits.  An absolute original, and a beauty to behold and play. 
1976 Ibanez 2459 Destroyer Dave Keunin
1976 Ibanez 2459 Destroyer,
"Korina" Natural,
as made famous by Dave Keuning
There's no more iconic a guitar in Dave Keuning's hands than his 1976 Ibanez Destroyer.  And no surprise that Eddie Van Halen built "The Shark" from his Destroyer.  From indie to full-on metal, it looks sharp, and cuts like a knife.  Quite literally, this is an axe!
1969 Gibson EB-3 Bass Jack Bruce
1969 Gibson EB-3 Bass,
Translucent Cherry,
as made famous by Jack Bruce
Famous in the hands of Jack Bruce during the height (and Goodbye) of the Cream years, and favoured by any of the big name bass players of the sixties, a hugely versatile and iconic classic.  Bask in the Sunshine Of Your Love.
1972-75 Epiphone EA-250
1972-75 Epiphone EA-250, Cherry,  
as made famous by Robert Smith and Noel Gallagher
From Hot, Hot, Hot to Supersonic.  From last to first.  As played by Robert Smith on last ever The Tube, and by Noel Gallagher on Oasis debut single, Supersonic.  One of the very first Japanese Epiphones, the iconic and eye-catching EA-250.
1966 Vox V251 Guitar Organ John Lennon
1966 Vox V251 Guitar Organ,
as made famous by John Lennon
A rare piece of space-age technical genius, the Vox V251 Guitar Organ, a prototype handed to John Lennon, and famous more for its 2014 $305K auction price than him ever playing it.  Makes the $87.5K that David Gilmour's sold for in 2019 seem like a snip at the price...
Harmony Rocket H59 III 1964
1964 Harmony Rocket H59 III, Cherry Sunburst, faded to Honey, as made famous by Billie Joe Armstrong
Hardly in the minority, there were more Harmonys produced in the 60s than Gibsons and Fenders.  Now a favourite of indie explorers seeking retro mojo - and Billie Joe Armstrong's choice for Green Day crowd-pleaser Minority: "Without a doubt, singled out, the only way I know."
1966 Fender Mustang, Kurt Cobain
1966 Fender Mustang,
as made famous by Kurt Cobain
OK, Kurt's is a lefty, with an untypical combination of white pick-ups and switches on a tortoiseshell scratchplate, but this 66 Mustang kicks as hard as any of Kurt's.  Brilliant player.  All you need to do is come as you are.
1996 Fender Pink Paisley Telecaster,
Pink Paisley,
as made famous by James Burton
Most famous in the hands of Elvis Presley's chicken-picking maestro James Burton, and since then anyone from Noel Gallagher to Taylor Swift.  An eye-catching beauty, let alone a great player.  "Play it, James".
1974 Gibson Ripper L9-S Bass, Krist Novoselic
1974 Gibson Ripper L9-S Bass,
as made famous by Krist Novoselic
Come As You Are.  The utterly iconic Gibson Ripper bass, as made famous by Krist Novoselic, and the indie rock family tree of close relatives and distant cousins that followed... Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Green Day, and many more.
1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom, James Dean Bradfield
1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom,
Alpine White, as made famous by
James Dean Bradfield
OK, he may have broken the neck on his twice, and changed the pick-ups four times, but it's an Alpine White 1990 Les Paul Custom that has defined James Dean Bradfield's image and sound across every Manic Street Preachers album for some 30 years.  Now that's a design for life ;-).