Acknowledging Our Sources

For each our guitars or peripherals, we provide our own images, plus, depending on the gear, some introductory commentary, key spec details, some hopefully interesting further information, and some sources & suggested links to relevant websites or media.  The specs and commentary generally come direct from the manufacturers or, where the manufacturer has not retained accurate records, from a combination of our own measurement/component identification and the specialist forums and research of websites dedicated to the particular guitar. 

Wherever we have used the information from those specialist forums and websites, we have included a courtesy link to them in the Sources & Links section at the bottom of each page. These links are provided in full recognition and respect for their original authors or contributors - for their incredible passion, work and insight for each guitar.  So, the links are intended solely as a shout-out for those authors & contributors - with a hope and encouragement to our visitors to go and visit those sites to broaden their own knowledge and be grateful for the fantastic work they do.


If there are inaccuracies in the information provided on our website, we take full responsibility and will happily respond to any suggestions to improve or correct.


If you are an author or contributor to a referenced site, we really do want to recognise and respect your great work.  But with the same respect, if you are not comfortable with a link from our website, please do contact us and we'll immediately remove it and any attributable commentary without any question.