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1990s Fender Champion 110 amp

Size isn't everything.  I've used this amp for many years of home practice and gigging.  Perfectly portable, all the Fender tones and reverb we know and love, and an overdrive that's as good as many higher end pedals on the market.
A perfect combination with this hire-favourite, the 2006 Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster.
See & Hear It In Action




Champion 110



Serial  Number





25 Watts


1 x 10" Fender Special Design




Additional Features

Independent Gain & Volume in Drive

Classic Fender Reverb
Headphone connection
External Speaker connection




Fender 1-button Channel Footswitch

Further Information:

  • OK, first up, it's not the fabled Fender Champ the one Fender first introduced in 1948 (with a massive 4 Watt output), the one that achieved glory and reverence through the 50s and 60s, the one with the tubes.

  • But, surprisingly, it does a great job playing its part in that lineage, so much so that today's Fender Champion 20s and 40s are the modern-day descendants of this little amp.

  • I bought my first one (yes, first one) of these in the mid-90s.  Nothing went wrong with it, but I found myself needing a travel amp for a short while.  I liked it so much, that I just bought a second one, exactly the same.

  • It's a perfect practice amp - with the nice inclusion of a headphone connection.  But it's also great for gigging - on its own, mic'd up, or, with another nice inclusion, via a second external speaker connection.

  • What can I say?  I love this combo.  Beautiful clean channels, plenty of options for overdrive and distortion in the Drive channel.  And, of course, that luscious Fender reverb.  If you want a great all-round, easily portable amp, this is the one.

Sources & Links
  • The Fender Champion Range Today:  Check the URL and you'll see the words "contemporary-digital" in the chain.  Nothing wrong with that.  I've got one of the Fender Champion 40s, with its built-in amp voicings and effects.  A bit fiddly on stage, but great for home noodling and recording.  But I do love the simplicity of the Fender Champion 110 here. 
  • Ultimate Guitar Review: 10s across the board from the trusty band of Ultimate Guitar reviewers!
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